Product Gallery: Other Scopes

The teleidoscope allows you to see anything that you point it at in a symmetrical way. You can look at very close-up objects , or at far-away landscapes. Above is a view of my living room, with a clock, post and beam ceiling, and ceiling fan through a three mirror scope. Below is a view of plants and a window through a two mirror scope. The two mirrors give a more central (pizza-slice) symmetry.




Teleidoscope. Rock your world with breathtaking prismatic views of anything this scope is pointed at. Available with 3-mirrors  or 2-mirrors . Fluted brass with a spherical crystal lens. 6 1/2’ by 1”. $45


The central symmetry is achieved by using two accurately placed mirrors. When the wand is turned in one direction, the objects all seem to fall towards the center; when turned the other way, they fall rapidly outwards, looking like beautiful fireworks.
Unusual, 3- mirror system for a wand scope. The mirrors are tapered, giving a bit of a hemispherical look to the image.



Wand Kaleidoscope. Ignite this scope’s fireworks display by flipping the wand to send the magic streaming through the oil-filled chamber. Available in stained glass body or acrylic tube painted from the inside, and with a 2-mirror (top image) or 3-mirror (bottom image). 7”x1 1/2”. Stained glass $90, acrylic $50.

gallery-8Tele-kaleidoscope. Create your own custom-made kaleidoscopics with this world’s first combination tele-kaleidoscope! Remove the end-piece and load the chamber with your choice of magic for one-of-a-kind displays every time; or empty the chamber for teleidoscopic views of whatever you point it at. Brass tube with acrylic chamber 6”x3/4”. Etched tube or rope design $90.

Necklace Kaleidoscopes and Teleidoscopes. Meet two perennial favorites always within easy reach—around your neck — for instant viewing pleasure any time, anywhere! Brass tube with leather or rainbow-colored polyester lanyard 2 1/2”x 5/8”. $25.

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