Welcome to Lotus Scopes kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes, featuring the world’s only one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass kaleidoscopes! With a selection guaranteed to enchant young and old, novices and connoisseurs alike, each scope is meticulously hand-crafted to offer breathtaking kaleidoscopics in a work of art inside and out.

A teleidoscope is a kind of kaleidoscope that uses a spherical glass lens to produce kaleidoscopic images of real-life objects outside the scope. A kaleidoscope uses small objects called “magic” contained in an internal chamber.

Image seen through the hand-blown glass kaleidoscope with a glycerine-filled (wet) cell.

Lotus Scopes are the creation of Dr. Alex Bouteneff. Integrating his experiences as a woodworking instructor, Tibetan Buddhism devotee and ENT surgeon, Alex brings a passion for innovation and commitment to good, old-fashioned quality to this time-honored art—innovation and commitment that give each creation its signature style.

Be sure to check out the Lotus Scopes Product Gallery. A new universe of image adventures is waiting!

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